Together for the next generation and an energy efficient world.

All of us at SI are energy savers with a passion for automation, user-friendly interfaces and apps that really make a difference and work. We simply do everything to create the energy-smart properties and stock of the future.


We are SI. Together.

For all of us at SI, it goes without saying that the vision of energy-efficient and sustainable properties is something that we achieve together. We meet the challenges in close cooperation with our clients and partners and then we make use of the shared knowledge throughout the SI Group. The fast journey towards our vision is the result of humble cooperation and knowledge. That’s what we mean when we say “We are SI”.

Jadaabs office can be found in Östersund by the beautiful lake Storsjön. Here you'll find extensive knowledge in building automation

North of Gothenburg in the small town of Kungälv you'll meet Keylogic. A place where profund knowledge and intelligent solutions are combined.

Homeside is truly on every homes side. The solution creates a eco system for the clever homes of the future - sustainable for decades to come.

IZ Elmontage are experts in building process cabinets with the highest possbile quality and durability. Accuracy is our guiding star every day.

Idag kallar vi Systeminstallation för SI och alla vi inom gruppen bidrar på olika sätt till hållbara lösningar för framtidens fastigheter. #wearesi

Breakthrough collaborations for a more energy-efficient world

SI develops software and systems that deliver solutions for energy efficiency and automation in all types of properties. Right from the start, pioneering collaborations were important to us. We always develop and nurture our relationships, both with suppliers and our end customers – all to create a culture where it is obvious that goals are best achieved by working TOGETHER.


Today we are over 200 employees within the SI group. Tomorrow, we want to have even more people who share our vision of climate-smart properties.

offices in Sweden

Within the SI group, we have offices from north to south. Everything to be close to our customers both in projects when we optimize for the future.

years of experience

Our success is based on a strong culture where we are both humble and driven on the road to a climate-smart future.

Over 200 employees
from north to south

Today, we within the SI group have over 200 employees who work from Varberg, Gothenburg, Kungälv, Halmstad, Ängelholm, Skövde, Östersund, Grästorp, Falkenberg and Stockholm. We improve energy efficiency every day in real estate holdings within Municipalities, Offices, Business Premises, Residences, Spa & Bath, Hotels, Logistics and Energy & Operating Services. Welcome to SI!

A journey that has only just begun

We are at the beginning of an exciting journey towards developing Sweden’s and the Nordics’ leading group in Property Automation and Energy Efficiency. In order to achieve our vision of climate-smart properties and solutions of the future, we must work together, and we therefore invite entrepreneurs, leaders and employees who share our vision, values and goals. At SI, you should always find opportunities to get the full benefit of your company and life’s work or your innovative ideas. Those who choose to come along on the journey choose for themselves whether they want to keep their brand and decentralized control or take part in smart paths to synergies. For us at SI, it goes without saying that we learn from each other, and develop skills together. Always with the staff, the customer and quality in focus.

Our business concept

We develop and deliver energy efficiency and automation for the climate-smart properties of the future.

Our vision

Together for the next generation
and an energy efficient world.

SI's starting points for development and management

Vi är nyfikna på dina
utmaningar kring att spara
energi i fastigheter.

We are curious about your
your challenges regarding saving
energy in properties.