SI invests heavily in Development & Innovation in Proptech

We have always been passionate about ideas that make our customers’ world easier. We have been developing smart cloud solutions since the technology was available and benefit from new technical solutions. Today, SI is a strong player in Proptech offering innovative platforms and interfaces – ranging from automation for spa and recreational facilities to logistics. Our development is already at the forefront – and we are just getting started.

Innovative platforms and services

Powerful and smart platforms for the benefit of our customers

We always begin by asking ourselves what difference a solution can make in our customers’ business and then we work our way backwards. Today, together with our partners and customers, we have developed several powerful and smart platforms that make an impact every day. Our work puts the developer’s creativity at the heart of the search for the solutions for the sustainable buildings of the future.

SI Logiware does the job for you

Data from the gates is crucial. Is there a truck on site? Is loading in progress? Is the gate free? Together with data from the arrival gate, the journey towards a truly efficient terminal begins. And as part of the solution, your building will become energy-smart too.

Meet Key Talk – a robust web -based system for monitoring properties

KeyTalk, developed by Keylogic in Kungälv outside Gothenburg, is one of the market’s most popular web -based systems for monitoring properties. KeyTalk can easily scale from small to large via Windows, Linux, or embedded. We use robust web standards, so it doesn’t matter if you choose to use a computer, tablet or mobile phone, everything works. Curious? Get in touch with SI Customer Center and we will guide you!

A simple platform for efficient energy consumption and management

The scalable platform Arrigo provides applications for building automation (SCADA/HMI), energy monitoring and operation and maintenance in a single solution, thus covering all aspects of digital and connected properties.

The platform’s intuitive interface gives you direct access to all relevant property information, allowing you to monitor, energy optimize, take action on alarms, and act from any type of mobile device.

Whether you are a property owner or a system integrator, Arrigo is the next natural step towards the sustainable properties of the future.

A versatile platform for all critical data.

Collect data from your properties. Control and monitor your systems.

Save time. Improve performance.

Monitor and optimize the energy performance of your properties.

Easy and effective facility maintenance.

Plan operations and management. Get full control of all documentation

Are you a creative developer
with logic skills?

Send us a this -feel s -right application today. We are always looking for sharp developers and system designers.

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