Homes that save money and the environment

With each year that passes, we broaden the opportunities for property owners and/or apartment owners to influence energy consumption and comfort.

Management and optimization solutions that meet your specific needs

We offer a range of options to apartment owners wanting to influence and change their energy consumption through individual metering and charging. Sometimes, however, the same benefits can be achieved by controlling your energy use, servicing and comfort through our cloud service, which gives you complete control. We draw on our experience to find you management and optimization solutions that meet your specific needs. Read more about SI Plus here!

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opportunities for property owners

Here at SI we take pride in our many decades of valuable experience. Our focus is always on listening and then together with our customers find the best solution. You are warmly welcome to get in touch!

Reference projects

A unique environment with unique demands

Bovieran is a tenant -owned apartment concept with social areas in focus, and a unique environment.

Vi är nyfikna på dina
utmaningar kring att spara
energi i fastigheter.

We are curious about your
your challenges regarding saving
energy in properties.