Quality & Environment

Quality Policy

SI develops and delivers systems for energy efficiency and automation. Automation involves the control, regulation and monitoring of various functions such as ventilation, cooling, heating, lighting, water treatment, energy and logistics gates.

We are constantly working to develop our service and quality.

SI sees quality as an important success factor both in individual installation assignments and in a long-term company perspective. All our commitments, our actions and our work must be perceived as high quality.

SI’s quality system aims to ensure that our deliveries meet the customer’s requirements and expectations, where our ambition is to create long-term customer relationships. Total quality must apply to all our actions – from first customer contact to delivery and invoicing.

The business must be continuously developed and improved so that we can offer our customers cost-effective and quick total solutions. The commitment and competence of each employee is the basis for continuous improvement work and ensures professional performance through self-checks throughout the performance and final inspection.

Our most important measure of quality is our customers’ satisfaction. We must strive to ensure that they always have full confidence in us as a supplier. The requirements and wishes of our customers must be met by our undertakings and work complying with agreed terms and conditions, accepted installation methods and applicable statutory requirements. Each job must be a recommendation for future business.

In our assignments, we work as a close-knit team, together with suppliers, contractors and subcontractors. Together, we deliver the required installation at the right time and at the right level.

Satisfied customers and the least possible environmental impact are our main goals in our quality work.

We develop our business and our quality management system through continuous improvements.

In our day-to-day work, all employees are responsible for ensuring compliance with the quality policy.

Sustainability and Environmental Policy

SI develops and delivers systems for energy efficiency and automation. Automation involves the control, regulation and monitoring of various functions such as ventilation, cooling, heating, lighting, water treatment, energy and logistics gates.

SI takes environmental work seriously.

Using the latest technology, we offer the customer a connected energy system. The use is optimised and clear, and natural resources are used in a climate-smart way.

Our aim is to take the greatest possible environmental considerations into account, in the office, during transport and at the customer’s premises.

SI’s approach to environmental issues

  • Continuously monitor and follow up on the company’s environmental impact and act to minimise this.
  • Our staff, partners and suppliers must have a high level of environmental awareness and a clear ethical compass that permeates our day-to-day work. We regard applicable laws and other requirements as a minimum level.
  • Understand and comply with our customers’ environmental requirements.
  • Strive to reduce energy, water and all direct and indirect negative impacts on the environment and climate through efficiency enhancement, use of new technologies and use of renewable resources.
  • Work to prevent pollution and unnecessary resource consumption, and to limit the impact on nature and the environment as far as possible, in each project.
  • Assist the customer in choosing energy technology solutions, in all projects we carry out, with the aim of always using the best possible technology from a sustainability perspective. When selecting materials and installation techniques, we always consider sustainability and environmental impact.

A prerequisite for a healthy and sustainable society is an awareness of sustainability challenges and a willingness and ability to act. This is also a prerequisite for the success of SI over time.

We develop our own sustainability work and our quality/sustainability and environmental management system through continuous improvements. All employees are responsible for ensuring compliance with the environmental policy in their day-to-day work.

Health and Safety Policy

Job satisfaction, a good working climate and overall health are prerequisites for creating an inspiring working environment.

The company must work to ensure that our employees have a working environment in which they thrive, develop and feel good, both physically and psychologically. In collaboration with our employees, suppliers and customers, we must work to ensure a good working environment in which risks of occupational injuries and work-related ill-health are prevented. Our employees must be able to maintain a work environment that encourages mutual respect, promotes good relations between employees and is free from all forms of harassment and violence.

Our operations do not involve any major health and safety risks, and we meet the requirements set out in laws and government regulations. All employees have a work environment responsibility by complying with laws and regulations, and by exercising all other precautions necessary to prevent ill-health and accidents. Everyone is also responsible for reporting risks or deficiencies in the work environment to their line manager, contact person on assignment or health and safety officer at the workplace.

Systematic work environment management evaluates the company’s efforts on an ongoing basis in order to make improvements to the work environment.

When working on projects at a location other than your own office, the working environment is managed in accordance with current regulations. A project-specific work environment plan must exist and be drawn up by the person responsible for the work environment. (BAS-P or BAS-U)

Motivated for work is essential for good health. Each employee must therefore be given the conditions to:

  • be aware of the company’s goals and vision
  • understand their role and the importance of their own work
  • influence their own work situation
  • feel responsible for their task and have the authority required
  • develop their skills
  • take responsibility for health.

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