Energy optimization and operation with SI Plus

For over 20 years, we at SI have refined our aftermarket services. Today we have two strong solutions – SI Plus Energy and SI Plus Operation. Today we have two strong solutions – SI Plus Energy and SI Plus Drift. We offer analytics insights, energy optimization and property management. From the control room in Varberg on the Swedish west coast, we optimize and operate many of our customers’ energy -efficient properties throughout the Nordic region. Welcome to the future!

Our way of working

It does not matter if we have carried out the contract in a property ourselves or not. We are used to working with and adapting to the infrastructure and systems that exist in the building . Our method is divided into three stages – in – depth analysis, trimming and continuous optimization – all phases with the goal of creating demand -driven operation and service, energy optimization and of course, a higher operating net .

Our packages

SI's energy optimization and operation packages

SI lays the foundation for a long -term approach when it comes to energy optimization and operation. We call it the SI Plus effect when a building becomes more energy efficient over time and when operations become easier to maintain Our packages are offered for all types of buildings and customers, regardless of the control system available in the building today. For us, SI Plus is about sustainability, energy optimization and making every day easier with energy -smart operations.

Three advantages of SI Plus Operations

Three advantages of SI Plus Energy

A future-proof choice

Our SI Plus packages are long -term investments. We work with standardized APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to enable development of secure communication with any and all devices needed to create an energy – efficient building. With our APIs our customers become platform – independent and hence more future -proof when new demands are placed on a building’s infrastructure.

Security meets openness with standardized APIs:

Curious about
our solutions within energy and operations?

Here at SI we take pride in our many decades of valuable experience. Our focus is always on listening and then together with our customers find the best solution. Get in touch and we will be happy to tell you more!

Let our energy engineers assist with energy mappings, energy investigations and more

With the energy engineers at SI you will find deep and broad experience of finding energy leakage and solutions. We assist many of our customers in their sustainability work and in producing their sustainability reports. We offer professional energy audits, energy investigations and Energy Mappings – to create even better conditions for energy-efficient buildings.

Vi är nyfikna på dina
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