Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Within SI, we develop, install and commission solutions for energy-efficient facilities in Sweden and around the world. As sustainable development is part of SI’s day-to-day operations, it is important that we act in a responsible manner: environmentally, ethically and socially. Through this Code of Conduct, SI aims to create added value for customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders, while at the same time contributing to a sustainable future.

We are SI

SI currently consists of the wholly owned subsidiaries SI Systeminstallation, SI Keylogic, SI IZ-Elmontage, SI Homepage, SI OSG, SI Setex and SI Jadaab. SI’s Code of Conduct sets out basic principles and expectations for how our organisation conducts business and how we interact with our colleagues, suppliers, customers and partners. The Code of Conduct applies to everyone in the SI Group, from the Board of Directors and management to individual employees. It is our personal responsibility to understand the Code of Conduct and its content should be respected and followed.

SI’s core values

  • Competent SI is based on being competent at what we do. We go the extra mile to offer the smartest solution in terms of technology, cost and sustainability. We always work to ensure that our latest delivery is the best.
  • Down-to-earth – We aim to be known for a down-to-earth approach of working with rapid decision making and responsiveness to our customers’ interests. We strive to be perceived as approachable and easy to work with.
  • Creative – Our ambition is to strive to make things better. Continuously developing and searching for new solutions. We believe that small everyday improvements make a big difference for the future.
  • Comitted – For us, commitment means we are engaged, dedicated and believe in what we do. We contribute with enthusiasm, energy and do our utmost to achieve the long-term goal.

Together! – At SI, we have a great together-culture. We work together with each other, with suppliers and not least with our customers. We believe that this is a prerequisite for achieving sound and lasting results, where the goal is to create the next generation of an energy-efficient world. Together!

Business ethics and principles

SI complies with the laws, rules and regulations that apply in the markets in which we operate. We see this as a minimum standard for our conduct and we expect our business partners to act accordingly.


SI always acts ethically and responsibly in business relations. We do not accept any form of corruption, bribery or extortion

This means, among other things:

  • We act and make decisions without regard to personal gain for us or those close to us.
  • We avoid situations that may create or give the impression of creating conflicts of interest.
  • In the event of travel and events with customers or suppliers, we always pay for our own expenses in order not to become dependent.

  • We never violate applicable law on the giving or receiving of bribes We comply with business partners’ rules on gifts and entertainment, etc.

Fair competition
SI conducts business in accordance with applicable competition legislation. We act for fair competition in tendering, quoting, procurement and purchasing.

    • Our employees do not engage in discussions with competitors about market sharing, information exchange, pricing, production and sales quotas.

    • We do not accept any form of illegal anti-competitive measures, such as price cooperation, cartel formation or abuse of market dominance.

Fair working conditions

The equal value of all people is a matter of course, and we have a responsibility to ensure fair working conditions and compliance with human rights for SI’s employees. SI constantly strives to be a company where all employees should thrive and develop. The fact that we at SI care about each other contributes to job satisfaction, a good working climate and better health. This is a prerequisite for us, together, to create an inspiring working environment.

Equal treatment and diversity
SI works to increase diversity and equal treatment in all parts of the organisation. We believe that our differences make our workplace interesting, inspiring and dynamic, which makes us strong in the market.

All employees shall have the same opportunities, rights and obligations regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. Our business shall be based on good ethics and great respect for all individuals both within the company and in external contacts.

Zero tolerance for unequal treatment or discrimination
No one shall be subjected to victimisation, bullying or discrimination. SI is responsible for preventing, deterring and responding. All employees and business partners who see or suspect violations are obliged to report this.

Environment and sustainability

SI’s commitment to the environment is common to all our business areas. We strive to conduct our business in an environmentally sustainable way and to reduce our environmental footprint by investigating opportunities for improvement in products and processes. But above all, we work to help our customers to improve the energy efficiency of their operations in various ways.

-Together for the next generation of an energy-efficient world.


The Code of Conduct must be observed. An employee who feels uncertain about the application in their day-to-day work can receive guidance from their manager, but a good basic principle is that in a business context we must always act in such a way that it can withstand being published in the media.

It is possible to report anonymously via SI’s whistleblowing system ( if there is any suspicion that something is in violation of the code of conduct or legislation. If an employee does not act in accordance with the Code of Conduct, this may lead to corrective action. If a business partner repeatedly or seriously violates the Code of Conduct, the business relationship will be terminated.

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